Sep 15, 2010


Per my post yesterday I've cancelled my membership. If you have read this blog at all you know why. Still some may think I'm being a bit harsh on the system. For you people I decided to give you a visual. Above are just a few of the 259+ men who I have shown interest in and never heard from ... ever. That is right. I "showed interest" (meaning I passed them to the next level in the silly database) in over 259 men and not one of them decided to contact me back.

Sounds like really bad odds to me!

1 comment:

  1. Chemistry sucks! That screen capture is an art piece. Can you send me the jpeg? Or can you make a bigger version? I swear I want to make art about this. Dang.

    Why are people on a dating site if they don't want to date? You cannot tell what someone is like from a frickin online profile. That is why you have to meet in person. What is wrong with people. They missed out on a fantastic person!!!!

    Ok there was a rant.