Jan 27, 2010

No Pain No Gain

In June of 2008 I joined my friend Martha and E. (non-Martha names protected remember?) for the Danskin Triathlon. It was oodles of fun and I was so glad I did it. The fun I had that weekend wiped out all the pain and suffering of training for weeks and weeks prior to the event. I forgot that my body was so over exercising that race day couldn't come soon enough.

Now it's 2010 and I've signed up for the Pasadena Reverse Tri with my friend G. Overall a shorter Sprint Triathlon than I did in 2008 so should be easy right? Well training isn't. Freakin' freak freak it's not fun. If ANYONE tells you it is they are liars. Liar liar pants on fire. You can tell them I said that.

First of let me explain that my friend G. is a little powerhouse. Her energy is endless, her drive to win can't be matched, and her athletic ability is ridiculous. I'm the exact opposite. I pretend my energy is endless although I'm always exhausted and feel like the walking dead during the day. I don't need to win I just want to finish (hopefully within 30 minutes of G although that may be asking too much). I'm the OPPOSITE of athletic. That doesn't mean that I don't do athletic things it just means my body REALLY doesn't want to and I have to force every single step, peddle, and arm swing.

Let me explain my life "in training". Get up and go to work (unless it is Thursday then get up crazy early and go to Bar Method class first). Work a long hard stressful day at a desk job. Jump into crazy traffic to get home. Then, without thinking because thinking is the enemy here, throw on your work out gear, get out the door, and go. Then when you get home go to bed because to stay healthy with this schedule you need 8-10 hours of sleep. Weekend ... what's that? Get up as early or earlier than you normally would. Hit the pool before it gets crowded or the bike before the crazy drivers hit the streets of Glendale. Then after that go ahead and run 3 miles. Not finished because although this is great for you, the dog is pouting in the corner because he has yet to have any fun. Grab him and the keys and head to Runyon to walk up and down a hill (3 miles - ish which means 1 1/2 at a constant incline) so that the adorable dog can run free for awhile. Then the next day repeat.

I now remember what I had forgotten. That on race day that faithful June morning of 2008 my elbow hurt from swimming, my knee was wrapped, and my only goal was to find a way to get those 8-10 hours suggested sleep.

Here's hoping I make it!

Jan 18, 2010

Counting is Fun! - Note

Just wanted to let you know that as TV shows come out of their holiday hiatus I stand strongly by my choices of top 10 (see postings below). Well somewhat strongly as I feel I need to add Special Agent Anthony from NCIS. Darn my dad for getting me hooked on that show. In fact I love all the characters from that show except Abby. I may be the only NCIS watcher to dislike her. That wacky crazy scientist chick thing is annoying. I find it hard to believe that someone in a mini skirt, dog collar, and unhealthy caffeine addiction would be taken seriously in a male driven corporate environment. No matter how good she was at her job. (I speak from experience.)

Now that I'm talking NCIS I adore LL Cool J. I have no idea what his character name is so I can't officially put him on the list but I still adore him.

I heart Kendall.

Welcome to Creepville

Please enjoy the fabulously freaky email I received from a socially inept match.com guy:

You may know me, but I know you. When you were younger you were different from the others around you. You were observant. You’d silently take in a situation and notice things about the people in your presence. Your intuition is strong. You are very caring and honest, sometimes even too much so, but you have great difficulty in letting anybody get to know you. When you finally do let somebody in, you keep him or her close to you for a long time. In fact, there’s someone close to you that you’re really worried about right now. But the best thing to do is to keep being a positive force in that person’s life. Sometimes you’re over analytic, but it’s better to try to live spontaneously. You have a scar on your left knee. Your eyes are very magical, very mystical, very psychic. So how do you see your future?

Enjoy my response:

So with that creepy email are you just betting on the fact that the gal in question has a scar on her knee? I mean it is probably a good chance so it has to work at least 10% of the time. I bet you can knock out those emails pretty quickly making that a good enough turn around to make you think that odd way of connecting works. Luckily I am "different than the others around me" and just see it for what it is ... freaky. Stop it before someone "reports a concern" (aka you) to match.com.

Jan 8, 2010

The (Shirtless) Resolutionary War

I think there was some sort of group New Year's Resolution that happened this year. A Resolutionary War that I was not aware I was a part of until they started to attack! Older (a lot older) men have dusted off their best shirtless pictures from their younger days, stormed Match.com, and have me in their sights. Why shirtless you say? Good question. Obviously it was ammunition they felt I would not be able to fight back from. Nah I say! I will stay strong and continue to retaliate with the "block" button until I am victorious!