Oct 8, 2009

He is NOT a Lab. Take that back.

I've posted a number of online dating tips up for the guys. Here is one for the ladies --- "On a first date tone down the crazy." I realize that isn't specific enough to really help you or those wacky single ladies in your life but it is hard to be more specific. After all we each have our own level (some are mighty high) and tone of crazy.

Mine is easy to diagnose. If I want a higher probability of seeing a second date I have to lay off the Riggins talk. This is MUCH harder than it sounds. After all I adore him more than any other living creature on this planet. He also takes up about 80%-90% of the pictures on my iPhone. It's hard to get around it. I'm a bit dog crazy (admitting it is the first step). If I had my way it's ALL I'd talk about on a date. And frankly I don't want to hear my dates wacky pet stories (especially if they involve cats). I want to do all the talking and I want it to be all Riggins. See ... that is "crazy". During a first date I have to consciously NOT bring up the dog every 30 seconds.

Here is what is brilliant about this. Inevitably there will be a date I'm on that within a few minutes I've made the decision I NEVER want to see this person again. So I take all that stored up crazy from other times and LET IT LOOSE! You know a date with me is going south when I make you look at approximately 20 pictures of Riggins on my iPhone, fight (which has to includes screaming) that he is NOT a lab and demand you take it back, only talk about things I do with Riggins and talk about my plans to open dog friendly bars and gyms so I never have to be without him.

So although I hide crazy (aka my real self) I occasionally get to have it come out to play!

Happiest Place on Earth

Earlier this month my sister and her family came down to go to Disneyland in honor of my nephew and her birthday. This would be my nephews first trip to Disneyland so, of course, I couldn't miss it. Even though I was sicker than a dog. Have you been to Disneyland when you feel like passing out (and not for any good reason) and it is approx. 1 million degrees outside? I really wouldn't call it "super fun". Since I couldn't do much more then sit I was the perfect companion for my niece who is still super teeny tiny. One of the few rides we went on was the steamboat. As my dad, brother-in-law, nephew, and sister easily romped up the stairs to go to the higher levels of the boat I happily sat down on a bench about 6 ft. from the entrance with my niece on my lap. Next to me was two lovely women with their wild kids. During the cruise around Tom Sawyer's Island one of the women asked me how old my baby was. I answered "3-months" (I'm actually not really sure but this sounded good to me.) To which she replied after looking me up and down, "Wow. You look great for just having a baby."


Now I realize this isn't much of a compliment since I have never actually given birth to a child after all the adorable baby in my arms was my niece. STILL in my mind I translated her comment to, "Wow you are so fit and skinny and beautiful." THANKS RANDOM DISNEYLAND LADY! THIS IS TRULY THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH ... even sick!