Sep 14, 2009

Info on a "gentleman" who emailed me from a dating site -

My Self-Summary

i have 2 sons , i have been divorced for 5 years and i have been single since then. i have allways been careful not to get hurh again. but i have realised its not a good thing to be alone cos life os too short

(Wendy note: I don't blame you. Getting "hurh" totally blows and life "OS" too short.)

I’m really good at

everything i do

(Wendy note: Umm. I'm reading this and I'm just going to go out on a limb here and say, "no not everything.")

The six things I could never do without


(Wendy note: That's one. Even as the "trinity" that is still less than six.)

I Didn't Say That

I'm not sure whose Twitter feed has strong armed mine and taken over my blog page but I'm 99% sure I didn't say any of those things.

Sep 11, 2009

I'd Wear That - Eps. 3

"To get here I must have turned off on Ridiculous Rd. with a L. at Ass Backwards Lane"

Sep 9, 2009

I'd Wear That - Eps. 2

"That's even gayer than yoga."

(I just said that and I stand by it.)

Sep 8, 2009

I'd Wear That

Often times someone says something and you think it would be a great saying to put on a T-Shirt. That is what "I'd Wear That" posting is all about. Things that have been said that belong on a T. I'll start out with a couple of mine. Feel free to add your own.

"Want a bigger tip? Ask for proof that I'm old enough to drink."

"I'm fine settling but not to the point where I'd want to hit the person on a daily basis."

"I'd like you better if our first date included alcohol."

Sep 4, 2009

Name it 'Rage' and I'm All In

I have NO IDEA what 'Rage' is about. I have NO IDEA how you premiere a movie on mobile phones. None of this makes any sense to me at all. BUT here is what I've learned from the trailer:

1. I adore Eddie Izzard.
2. I am starting to adore Jude Law.
3. Items 1 & 2 make me aware I may have some "guys in women clothing" issues. Fast forward 10 years to me walking in on my until now perfectly normal husband (I'm not married yet so may be a bit optimistic on that 10 year thing), in my bra and panties.
4. From now on I will only allow my picture to be taken if it is in front of a very colorful backdrop and I'm lit with white light coming in at perfect angles in front of me. So I look like a pretty washed out vampire. Really. They all look amazing. Direct-ish white light is obviously the key to beauty and agelessness.

Sep 1, 2009

Well Said?

Headline from one of my online matches this morning ---

"No hutchie mamas, No party girls, and No one who thinks there gods gift to man."

A man who knows what he wants and has a less then firm grasp on his punctuation and grammar.